3D-Display of Peristaltic Waves

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Data from Dep. Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Zurich.
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Swallow Phases Explained

All swallows were recorded in healthy volunteers in a clinically controlled study at the Department of Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Zurich.

Phase What it means
Water Supine Swallow induced by 10 ml water in supine position
Water Seated 10 ml water, seated position
Spont Supine Spontaneous swallow in supine position

Spont Seated

Spontaneous swallow in seated position
Barium A sip of water with barium-sulphate, a contrast agent used to clearly mark the bolus in x-ray fluoroscopy
Marshmallow A delicate marshmallow with a sip of barium as a model of a bolus that is difficult to swallow.